1975 MGB Race Car #25 – Our Race Rental Project

We’ve been hard at work getting our 1975 MGB vintage race ready.  We found this car last year when we were looking for a motor and it had a pretty nice rust free body.  We’ve been busy rebuilding a motor with a block and crank from Taz’s first ‘street legal’ car he drove back in the late 70s.  It’s going to be cleaned up and re-painted blue.  We’ll back-date it from 75-65 to a chrome bumper style minus the bumpers of course.

1975 MGB Race Car

1975 MGB Race Car

1975 MGB Race Car

It will be ready for it’s first race at Summit Point, the Jefferson 500.

This car will be available to rent for racing – if interested give us a send us a note.

More Photos:

1978 MGB Update 03/13/20

Check out what we purchased in a moment of weakness.  It’s a classic 1978 MGB, brown in color, from North Carolina.  It’s in pretty good shape, needs a little love.  It’s running, but we’re working on getting it to run WELL.  Keep your eyes peeled, it might just go up for sale soon.

By the way, that guy on the left in the last picture is our new team member Ray Degrass – Welcome aboard Ray!  I’m sure he’d rather be working on a car than paperwork, but that’s the way it goes.

1949 Chevrolet Pickup Restoration Update 02/28/20

We’ve been working on a restoration of a 1949 Chevrolet Five Window Pickup.  This truck came to us disassembled with a custom chassis and miscellaneous parts.

We’ve been assembling the customer’s parts and some we’ve purchased to determine the customization of the body and get everything tight.

We’ve installed a new LS3 Motor with a 4L80 Automatic Transmission.  We will be tubbing the rear body for larger wheels.

The final restoration will have A/C, heat, power sterring, etc.

It’s nice to see it all coming together – now we’ll take it all apart for rust repairs!